Is the new Ledger Nano X worth buying?

Along with the Trezor, the Ledger Nano S is one of the most famous and most used hardware wallets we have to date; and finally after 5 years, Ledger Labs finally released the new Ledger Nano X. But, is it worth paying the $119 price tag? Here are some reasons on why you should buy, and why you should not buy the new Ledger Nano X.

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Why you should NOT buy the new Nano X

1. You prefer a cheaper device

The Ledger Nano X, priced at $119, is pretty much twice the pricetag of the Ledger Nano S, which is currently only price at $59. If you don’t have the money to spare and if you’re not interested in the new features of the Nano X, then the older Nano S might be the one for you.

2. You only hold a very small variety of coins

As of now, the Ledger Nano S could only store around 1-3 apps. While you could temporarily uninstall certain apps to be able to install other apps for you to be allowed to store other kinds of coins, this could be a huge hassle especially if you transact with your coins a lot. But if you’re fine with installing and uninstalling apps on your Ledger Nano S frequently, then you’ll do fine with not upgrading.

Why you should buy the new Nano X

1. Bigger memory

Say goodbye to the tedious installing and uninstalling of apps with the old Ledger Nano S. Ledger Labs claims that the Ledger Nano X can hold up to a hundred apps at the same time. This is hugely beneficial if you hold a huge variety of coins.

2. Bluetooth functionality & mobile support

If you hate wires and cables, this is definitely for you. You can now finally transact with your bitcoin and cryptocurrencies without plugging in your hardware wallet to your computer every time. With the new Ledger Nano X, you can simply connect your Nano X to your mobile phone or to your computer via bluetooth, and transact with the Ledger Live mobile and desktop app instead.

3. Priority updates

Since the Ledger Nano X is now the new “flagship” device of Ledger Labs, chances are, software and firmware updates are very most likely going to come first on the Ledger Nano X; so expect newer coins to be supported on the Ledger Nano X earlier than the Nano S.


So, is it worth buying the new Ledger nano X? Well, it completely depends on the user. If you’re fine with paying the $119 price tag for a bigger memory, bluetooth, and fast updates, then getting the new Ledger Nano X is probably a good choice. Always make sure to grab one on the Ledger Official Website and not from third parties.

On the other hand, if you only hold a small variety, probably bitcoin and ethereum only; and that you really don’t mind plugging in your device every time you’re going to use it, then probably stick to the cheaper Ledger Nano S.


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